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I got Tagged in this challenge! If you get tagged post 15 facts about yourself. If you get 33+ likes you have to post a photo and your friends in the community will pic a kpop idol to ship you with. Here are my 15 Facts: 1. I love Kpop 2. I love anime 3. I am 22 years old 4. I am in college 5. My personal bias is TOP 6. I have a thing for dudes with long hair 7. Sexy smiles are my weakness 8. I have a very extensive yaoi manga collection 9. I am a Fujoushi fan 10. I am extremely silly and borderline sarcastic. Deal with it, I have to Lol 11. I go to anime conventions constantly. 12. I am actually very shy 13. I sing 14. I speak Spanish and Japanese fluently 15. It was hard for me to thing about these facts lol Okay I tag everyone in the kpop and anime community because names evade me at the moment Lol it'd be easier if this was Facebook.
Oh my. Are there any questions??
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Save all questions until the end of September. I shall be one year wiser by then :3
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