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This summer has been the summer of books for me. I have a 2 hour train commute every single day and nothing makes the time go faster then losing myself in a novel that I do not want to put down.
So before school starts up and the lazy weekdays (or weekends) finish, you must read these amazing and totally mind bending crime thrillers with a twist that stabs you in the chest and keep you hooked till the very last page.

Sharp Objects: Gillian Flynn

Everyone knows how amazing and a total mind fuck Gillian Flynn is because of her book Gone Girl. However, Sharp Objects might just beat Gone Girl out of the water, which is saying something.
Camille, a reporter and recent psych ward patient, must return to her tiny hometown, her estranged family and their huge victorian house to write a story about the serial murderer rocking the "quiet" town. Add in a completely crazy mother and very disturbing "popular" step-sister who is defiantly up to something and this is one book you can not put down.
Really though I finished it in a day.

The Good Girl: Mary Kubica

Totally insane and very uniquely written this story follows the kidnapping of Mia Dennett and the shattering of her family. Told only from the perspective of the kidnapper, Mia's mother and the detective on the case, this "clear cut kidnapping" is anything but clear as shocking emotional entanglements rip everyones world apart.
I flew though this book and ended up needing to wear sunglasses on the train because I was crying and pissed and shocked and totally emotionally drained at the end. It was amazing.

Girl On A Train: Paula Hawkins

This book erupted this summer and almost everyone I have spoken to has either read it or plans on reading it.
Rachel, the main character, takes the same train every day and spends her time making up stories about the couple she always sees drinking coffee in their home at one of the train stops. Yet after seeing something alarming one morning Rachel can not stop herself from getting involved and falling face first into a murder investigation, a marriage falling apart and her past marriage issues that are still tearing her to pieces.
What I love most about this book is that Rachel's character is very real in the sense that sometimes she is totally unlikeable; yet you still can't help but root for her. Told from the perspective of 3 women whose lives overlap and suffer varying stages of destruction, Girl On A Train is a book not easily forgotten.
Omg I need to read Sharp Objects immediately. That sounds amazing. I love books with so much suspense that you just can't put them down... you should check out J.K. Rowling's detective novels she wrote under the pen name Robert Galbraith! They're soooo good :)
@allischaaff you will feel that way about sharp objects!!! go get it
Yessss!!! @LizArnone SO worth it. I actually listened to them on audiobook while I was traveling abroad, and COULD. NOT. STOP. LISTENING. Just so good, and the characters are funny and charming and smart. As we've come to expect from JKR :)
@allischaaff oomg what did you just change my life?? YES! i had no idea about those books!!! I'm about to ask for them for my birthday hahaha
@LizArnone I've seen this book recommended in so many places that now it's become a must read. And honestly, I'm curious as well.
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