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You can buy some really cute phone cases at the mall. Trust me, I've stopped at every kiosk. But then I start to think, I can make one myself and have more fun while saving money in the process! If that sounds like you too, then you are going to love this cute beaded phone case diy.

Supplies Needed:

Glass seed beads in whatever color you choose
Blank phone case (check online for best rates)
E6000 glue
Small needle and thread

Step One:

Plan out what kind of design you'd like. For a shimmery lined design like what you see here, start stringing your beads on your needle and thread.

Step Two:

Once you have a good little run of beads, open up your E6000 glue and apply three or four generous rows along the bottom of the case.

Step Three:

Use a pair of needle nose pliers or a couple of toothpicks to help you line your beaded rows.

Step Four:

Continue threading and gluing toward the top. To make sure the beads are as secure as possible, use plenty of glue! When you reach the top, snip your extra little bits of string.
As you can see, the only slightly tricky part of this tutorial was beading around the camera hole. The trick is to take it slow; it's really no trouble.
If you find that you're really good at it and your friends all want yours, think about making a little business out of it and take it to the next level! For more cute projects, be sure to click here!