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Ladies, you can now channel your inner Kylie via her lip kit.

You read it correct. Our favorite Jenner is releasing a lip kit that will give your lips that plumpness you've been dying to have. Although Kylie admitted to actually getting her lips injected, she's giving her fans an alternative option that's less risky and cheaper. As usual, Kylie took to Instagram to share the news with her fans and let's just say -- I hope that amazing chocolate lip is part of the Kylie Lip Kit. Who doesn't love a dark lip? Especially in the fall. Let's just hope this lip kit is available in time for the fall. Keep a look out for this lip kit and Kylie's much anticipated beauty site [click here] coming soon.
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Kylie is 18 and Kendall is 19 about to be 20. Lol
Thanks for correcting that! I know that kylie is 18 and kendall is 16(?). Not sure why I added twin in there @AmberBrooks
Kylie isn't a twin...