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Vingle Matchmaker Challenge

okay here we go...
1: Im super shy, quiet, i come alive when the party starts though, fun loving girl! 2: My perfect first date would be at an amusement park, i love them and i feel like my date will get to know the real me. ^.^ 3: my friends would say im funny (but i don't seem like it at first) very compassionate, always smiling and the peace maker in our friendship! :D 4: My ideal bf would be understanding that i don't have a chill life in always working on something or helping someone, i would like if we shared similar goals and passions (thats hard to come by though) he will smile all the time and love to travel ^__^ 5: Im passionate about my goal of being fluent in Korean and moving to South Korea! 6: I HATE when people chew with their mouth open and people who don't flush the toilet after they go >:( 7: Words I live by are "Do what others tell you you can't" that has helped me through a lot 8: In my free time i like to read the Bible and do anything thats has to kpop!!! ^.^ thanks @aimeeH for challenging my i had fun with it!
and bonus MORE SELFIES!!!!
Okay! I want to ship you with Moos from Madtown! 😃
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