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It was your typical Sunday evening in New York City, until I met an angel.

I had to make a store run. So I ran down the street and purchased a few items I needed for the house. I was extremely tired and hot, so I wanted to make this trip as short as possible -- little did I know. I finally made it to the check out and my items were being rung up. I was stunned that as many items as I purchased, my total was much less than I had expected. Talk about a boost in my mood. While the cashier is ringing up my items I happen to look up and see a guy looking through the window staring straight at me.
"Your total is $7.77.", says the cashier.
I look down and start rummaging through my wallet for exact change.
After finally getting the exact change due, I look up and the guy is still peeking through the window staring directly at me. I don't know if I should be flattered or scared.
I grab my bag and head towards the door and as I walk out I notice the guy and his friend ahead of me. They begin walking and I pace myself so I give them a head start to walk away before I make my exit, but the guy turns around before my plan is executed.
"Can I get your number?", says the most handsome man I've seen in awhile.
"Excuse me? Um, how are you?", I reply.
"I'm just kidding. How are you? What's your name?", he says with a smile on his face.
We chit chat for a few minutes and realize we have more in common than I thought we would. He compliments my hair and mentions the fact that I look like Sister Souljah [mind you I look nothing like her], but he gets a couple extra points for effort.
"Take down my number and maybe we can link sometime.", he says while putting a little pep in his step.
Trying to play it cool I put his name and number in my phone, but the entire time I am smiling so hard inside. I begin to think to myself, being patient really does pay off.
"You saved it?", he says.
"Yeah, I got you.", I reply.
We go our separate ways and I give it some time before I send a text telling him to save my number. I get in the house, put the groceries away and shoot him a quick text only to find out that the text bubble is green and not blue [he had an iPhone]. I sink into the couch and I have to bite down on my tongue to keep from screaming.
I should've known it was way too good to be true.
I was so busy lost in his looks that I ended up taking down the wrong number. I try changing the last couple digits of the number trying to see if that works, but to no avail I keep sending texts to the wrong people.
I sit on the couch disappointed and annoyed at the fact that yet another amazing opportunity went down the drain in such a short amount of time. I sulk for at least an hour and then I snap out of it.
Maybe it wasn't meant to be. I put on a smile and take my loss like a champ.