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It's only been a year since Tracy Morgan was critically injured in a massive car accident, but he's making a triumphant recovery, both physically and comedically.
Besides an appearance on the TODAY Show to discuss his accident, Tracy Morgan has stayed out of the spotlight, instead focusing on his recovery.

But now he's back!!

SNL tweeted this picture earlier to announce the news (also YAY for Miley and Amy, love those ladies!) The SNL hosting gig will be Tracy's first major performance since the accident, but it seems like the perfect place for him to start. SNL was Tracy's home for 7 years in the late '90s and early '00s, so the stage at Studio 8H will be a comfortable situation for his first performance.
I'm sure that other Tracy Morgan fans like me are relieved to see him back doing what he does best. He had such a unique comedy style on both SNL and 30 Rock, and I'm excited to see what he does now that he's back on his feet.

Let's reminisce about a couple of his SNL performances to get excited for October 17!

Everyone remembers Brian Fellow's Safari Planet!!

The best Christmas song ever, made so much better by Tracy Morgan's nonchalant dancing and Jimmy Fallon's attempt to hold in his laughter.

Glad to have you back Tracy!

I love Tracy Morgan, 30 Rock gave me such a huge appreciation for him as a comic and actor! So happy he made a full recovery.
Same here @TessStevens he is so talented (in a totally unique and weird way) I would have been sad for him and comedy lovers if he never got to get back into comedy!