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So I got the 33 likes and I posted my selfies!!! These were my shipping results!
1. Son Dong Woon 2 votes
2. Suga 2 votes
3. Lee Min Ho
4. Jong Hyun
5. Daesung
6. Seungri
7. BamBam
8. V
9. Hoya
My ultimate favorite is Daesungie Oppa!!! he's forever my #1 Bias!!! Second (if I had to choose) would be Jong Hyun! Because... well... just look at that adorable smile!! ^^ hahaha can't say no to that xD Thank you everyone for the ships!!! Post your results!!!!
Everytime i scrolled down to the next pic I went ooh ooh oooh. U got awesome guys. Their all so adorable and hot at the same tine. Daesungie!!
@B2STANG88 haha yeah! I'm pretty proud of my ships xD