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Soccer superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, is enjoying the finer things in life after his recent purchase of an $18.5 million condo in Midtown, Manhattan. The gorgeous condo looking over Central Park sits at 2,509 square feet incorporating luxury aesthetics. From the abundance of wood and marble finishes, it's no surprise that the condo boasts wealth however many critics are shocked Ronaldo didn't pick a more trendy or exclusive neighborhood such as Soho or Tribeca. This recent purchase also possibly confirms rumors that he will be trying to get on an MLS soccer team when his Real Madrid contract expires in 2018. The previous owner of the condo was none other than real estate mogul Alessandro Proto. It's no surprise that Ronaldo came to the United States to attain a condo since living in Manhattan is definitely a sign of privilege in and outside of the country. Obviously it sparks some controversy that he purchased it within the Trump Tower while Donald Trump is currently on a presidential campaign. However, I doubt Ronaldo cares.
A quaint but formal dining room featuring wooden panels, a bread-basket weaved flooring design, and large and gracious views of the city. The chairs not only have a flowery pattern to match the decor but a lighter wood to bring out the lighter wooden shades in the flooring. Gorgeous metallic like silver curtains give plenty of opportunity for a more private dining experience. Lastly, a marble table sits at a decent height imposing proper posture while eating.
Definitely a clash between modern and traditional. You get a somewhat museum type feel walking down this halfway with a curved ceiling. There's obviously black and white marble flooring with a unique design that doesn't quite match the wooden paneling on the walls. Art work and a sculpture also add to the hallway decor.
No elite can enjoy a luxury lifestyle without a luxury bathroom. Very veiny marble is the trend throughout the bathroom with a deep chocolate brown wooden vanity. Large mirrors and a glass shower door give a more modern face lift to the bathroom. There's also a huge window in the shower itself for Renaldo to enjoy the view while showering. For my taste, that's a little intrusive however, it's definitely a spectacle.
This is probably the most normal of any of the rooms in the condo. Cream with a yellowish hue hold strong in the color palette. I highly doubt this is Renaldo's taste in furniture and decor so I'm sure we'll see an update. For now, it looks slightly tacky however the window really brings in a lot of natural lighting.
Very typical in NYC to have a narrower kitchen area that covers an entire wall. However, the color is different. It's a periwinkle blue with a grey countertop. Though it seems to come with stainless steel appliances, I don't know if I'm personally a fan. However, Renaldo must love the color.
Can we say UGLY? This entire room needs to go.
Another gorgeous bathroom that comes with a vanity for his overnight guests perhaps. It's got a large tub and shower capability. This room is definitely a veiny cream marble with white drawers. It's very elegant and gives Renaldo to literally see himself in the mirror through multiple directions.
This has a very hotel-esque look to it however would be perfect for an office. I'm not sure how many business meetings Renaldo has in his own home but this could be the perfect place. It has nice crown molding with very regal American looking furniture. Mahogany wood and a comfortable looking couch really bring this room together. And again, you can't beat that view.
By far my favorite room in the house. It just seems so proper and elegant. It screams opulence and it's no surprise for the most popular athlete in the world. It's stunning and it's no surprise that this home would be extremely impressive to any visitors. Though I think he could have picked a better neighborhood, he has a lot of potential in this Midtown condo.
What. A. View.

What do you think of Renaldo's floor plan?

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I don't like anything, but the hallway, the windows and of course the view! But the rest, the bathroom, bedroom, 2 living rooms could go.