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Ever wanted those expensive (long-lasting) gel manicures without the appointment or the $45 cost? Well, despite ongoing cruel jokes that you find on picture sites that promise the world, yet never deliver, THIS ONE IS TRUE! And you ONLY NEED 3 Things!

Supplies Needed:

Gelous Nail Gel
Regular nail polish (China Glaze and OPI polish works best)
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
1. Buff and smooth out nails with a buffing block and remove nail dust with polish remover.
2. Apply a thin coat of Gelous Nail Gel and let dry for one minute.
3. Apply a thin coat of nail polish and let dry for three minutes.
4. Apply another thin coat of the Gelous gel and let dry for one minute.
5. Apply a second thin coat of nail polish and let dry for three minutes.
6. Apply your top coat and let dry for one minute.
7. Apply your last coat of Gelous and let dry for 5-10 minutes.
Make sure to seal the ends of your nails as well, as you apply each coat (just drag the tip of the nail polish brush across the tips of your nails). It's a little harder to do this with short nails, but it will help keep the ends from chipping. When you're done with your gel mani, just use regular nail polish remover to remove the polish (or 100% acetone for faster removal).
If you like the idea of a longer lasting gel manicure DIY but don't have the patience for all the steps listed above, a great option for you is the Dior Gel Top Coat. You can put this top coat over any nail polish to extend the life of your manicure for days longer than usual. Just use regular polish remover or 100% acetone when removing.
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Well, hopefully this will help you and keep costs down for you. :) <3
it might be sold here cause they do it at the salons, I just can't locate it for myself. And I'm sure it's very expensive
How did you know!!?? I've been obsessing about gel nails for years... and I still can't get access to the thing. Damn it!
I am surprised that you don't have access to gel nails. That would be a great business for you. Open the first gel nail shop in your area and women would flock to you! <3