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Disney's D23 Expo was this weekend, and amidst all the exciting announcements about Star Wars, Marvel's Civil War, and Frozen, there were a number of AMAZING cosplayers that made the entire event special. Can you name all of their characters? Put your answers in the comments!

Hint: Just a spoonful of sugar!

Hint: Are you talking to that squirrel?

Hint: Balalalala.

Did you have fun guessing?

Some of my favorite cosplays are little-known characters or they're from brief scenes. Even though sometimes I'm stumped for a second! There are a bunch more at io9 if you're interested.
Did you guess them all?
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@loftonc16 I'm kind of jealous! I had all the movies as a kid and now I want to go back and watch them and I have to buy the DVDs :(
@shannonl5 Yeah I'm trying to find a vcr to DVD player so I can put them on discs. We have mainly kids movies from my childhood XD
@loftonc16 that's smart (I didn't even know such things exist haha). Yeah especially now that I'm older, some of my friends have young kids, and I want to share that kind of stuff with them. I even have a bunch of Sesame Street on tape that we recorded and I don't think those episodes rerun too often now.
@shannonl5 Yeah that's true. We used to have one but Idk what happened to it.
@loftonc16 my family still has all of that stuff. There are step kids and grandkids now that enjoy it so we're all glad we didn't throw it away! There's nothing like Sesame Street :)