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Fangirl Tips, Tricks, & Situations! ๐Ÿ’–

Okay so we have all had that/this time where we can't even anymore... I mean really can't even. Where the ability to can is non-existent. This card hopefully relates to everyone here, I will be the first to admit that it happens. First Lets throw in some tips, followed by situations that could happen. This card is more of a what to expect thing.
So my Doll Baby @Taijiotter and I were discussing that it is best to have a buddy system when you fangirl out in public, to avoid having to walk around in a helmet permanently to keep from concussions happening. We chose eachother and we're going to add @najalong1998 because two people catching you when you faingirl faint, will have better results than just one. Let's be real here, we would all have brain damage if we didn't incorporate a buddy system! Also, make sure you do not faint at the same time. I mean the whole system would then be obsolete. . .
Let's now talk about that one guy above all that this gif refers too! Your main squeeze, your ultimate guy. . . Those who know me and are learning about me Know that Kim Joon is my ultimate ultimate bias. Heo Youngsaeng is @Taijiotter and T.O.P is @najalong1998 main ultimate ultimate BIAS
Now let's throw in random memes that will explain the life of a fangirl: 1) You are never ready! No matter how ready your brain is, your motor skills will always and I mean ALWAYS prove you otherwise! 2) The number lets us appreciate those have aged to perfection, or those that you can see progress. 3) This explains in a nutshell how people will view you. Weird, crazy, mental, etc. Don't let that bother you. People are afraid or ignorant to things that they dont know. 4) Peter Pan meme is life. Haters Will Always Hate. Remember this. It's not what they call you it's what you answer too! Pay them no mind. You don't need that kind of negativity. Just do you!
This man speaks the truth. You. Will. Literally. Can't. Even. STARBUCKS AND UGGS STAT will become a great terminology for this situation. BREATHE! Don't ever forget to stop breathing. Come to think about it, you may want to incorporate a buddy system for this too. Make sure that y'all dont can't. even. and mess around and die. So yeah have someone around for this situation too.

What other people will hear when you fangirl will not be in their realm of language. You may get weird looks, but fear not; for the Vingle Family speaks fluent Fangirl so you will never be alone while you say "assjdid djdiej ksudidjd". See normal people will automatically think I need to return to primary school to form the simplest of sentences, but someone will know what I just said here...

I know that there have been concerts and whatnot that we all have had to miss because of the worst possible timing in our lives. School, lack of resources, or we just simply live too far away from the KCon, concert, etc. If your husband falls, pick him up asap you aren't suppose to abuse the poor guys. XD Hug him and tell him you love him!
Better get used to *fainting* and *googly eyes. It is inevitable*
The Feels. The overwhelming of feels will be a huge part of your life. You will never be able to leave this place. So pull up a chair to the campfire, get comfortable, and socialize with those around you!
Lastly but not least, if you have children in the future- Remember this meme so you can help them on the future on the transition of becoming a fangirl/fanboy...
So yes! These are just a few tips and tricks to help you into the lighted dark-side. ENJOY! *Disclaimer* I do not own any of the gifs or pics used!