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Over the past 10 years, Kurupt has been known as a solid rap artist. In 2015, the talented emcee looks to extend his range and cement his legacy as a great businessman.
Over the past couple of months, Kurupt has been pushing his latest endeavor called “Moon Rocks.” The vacuum-packed cannabis nuggets have been the talk of the town in the hip-hop world and have the potential to become a mainstream success.

Proper branding and use of social media have played a pivotal factor in the growth of the company.

Kurupt’s cannabis nuggets are marketed to be the strongest medical marijuana "in the galaxy." Customers love the product to the point in which they have hopped on twitter to create a hashtag campaign called "moon rocks got me like.." They have also been making their own memes to reflect the marijuana's potency.
Catch some of the clever memes for the product above.
West Coast smokers like Kurupt's Dogg Pound comrade, Snoop Dogg, are among Moon Rock's clientele. From a medical standpoint, the product claims it will alleviate everything from A.D.H.D, asthma and minor joint pain to cancer, glaucoma and depression.
Cannabis becoming legal in certain states in the United States put Kurupt in position to make a boatload of money. When the product becomes legal across the continent he could be in position to make millions.