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When you're in France, obviously you're going to want to go shopping! Paris is one of the shopping capitals of the world, with a ton of designer and luxury goods boutiques, fancy French brands, and even the occasional deal, if you search for it. :)
Of course, you're going to want to spend your money wisely, so when you're in a shop and you want to inquire about a price, just ask:

Combien ça coûte?

How much does that cost?
"Ça" is a word that means it, this, or that, so you can use it for just about anything! Just point or gesture, and the sales clerk will definitely understand what you're talking about.
As always, let's break down the individual elements of the phrase!
Combien? = How much? / How many?
ça = it, this, that
coûter = to cost


Don't worry if that little accent over the u gives you the jitters! This phrase is actually very easy to pronounce. :)
Combien = "Kum-bee-yan" (but stop short of fully pronouncing the n. Keep your mouth open and don't let your tongue touch the roof of your mouth on that final syllable.)
ça = "sah"
coûte = "koot"
All together now!

Combien ça coûte?

Kum-bee-yan sah koot?

Now go shop and be merry! :D

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Did anyone else say this like 20 times like and idiot trying to get the pronunciation right