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When you cheat, you get burned. Literally.

Fellas, if you plan on testing out the waters when you're already spoken for -- make sure:
[a] you're super careful.
[b] you don't get caught.
[c] you're super careful, don't get caught and lit on fire.
I'm not an advocate for cheating at all. I find it utterly disrespectful and a waste of time. You'll have much better luck breaking up with the person opposed to cheating and trying to dodge not getting caught.
If Bernadine [played by Angela Bassett] didn't do enough when she found out she was being cheated on in 90's film Waiting To Exhale starring Whitney Houston, this woman definitely followed through with the rest. In the video above, a woman sets her boyfriends private parts on fire after finding out he had been cheating.
Now that's super cold blooded, or in this case warm blooded. I'm not justifying the woman's behavior, but neither am I justifying the man's cheating. In this case both parties were wrong. I guess you can't really say, who behaved in the worst manner. At the end of the day, they both got burned [emotionally and physically].

There's no escaping this one fellas. When you play with fire, you get burned.

Hopefully this video is an eye opener and a lesson. Nobody wants to get burned, but I'm pretty sure being cheated on has to hurt more.
OUCH is right! @ChristinaBryce
OUch ouch ouchhhhhh