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Are you as much in love with geometric nails as me?! I found these nails and a DIY to go with it, which is perfect since I love these and wondered exactly how to do it for myself. If you're everything except skilled in the nail department, this is for you! Enjoy!! <3

Supplies Needed:

- nail file and buffer
- base coat nail color
- patterned nail decals (nail polish strips)
- clear top coat
- small scissors
1. Trim and file your nails to your desired shape and smoothness. Paint 1-2 coats of your base color with adequate dry time between coats.
2. Lay the corresponding size of nail decal strip next to your finger and line up the beginning of the strip with your cuticle. Flip the strip over to the blank side and mark with a pen where the tip of your nail ends. Use your scissors to cut the nail strip into a triangle shape that comes to a point at that mark.
3. Peel the top and bottom backing off the nail decal triangle and stick the tip of the triangle onto the end of your scissors. Position the rounded bottom of the triangle just above your cuticle and press the bottom of the triangle in place. Slowly peel the scissors away from the tip of the triangle and smooth out the rest of the decal (you could also use tweezers to position the decal as well).
4. Finish your look with a quick-dry topcoat, and your new mani is done!
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