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I had this day planned like I never had it before. It was going to be a fruit only day. It was all going ok until evening, when I started craving for some pancakes with chocolate. And the thing is, I don't like pankes that much haha.
So I threw everything in a bowl, like super fast and I had my pancakes in like 10 minutes.
The hardest part was watching the pancakes being made. The small was amazing. So I rewarded myself for living healthy for almost whole day.
A lesson in cooking, and culture! thank you for this moment @rodiziketan and @alywoah
oh, we do that as well, here in slovenia. The easiest way is to wrap ham and cheese. @FabiolaGavina
Russians use them to wrap meat, popatoes or cheese. they kind of look like an enchilada. THEY ARE SO GOOD!
The photo you have here, we call them "crepes." This big fluffy kind -- those are pancakes to us.
ahhh ok! i figured the terms are just different. pancakes (crepes) are amazinggg. those i can eat all the time. I've never been a huge fan of american pancakes
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