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Mad Men was a great show for so many reasons, one of them being how well the creators nailed down the time period of the 1960's, which also happened to be a great time for fashion. The different characters developed and changed in sync with their personal styles, which also reflected the changing times as the 60's drew close to their end.
These leading ladies had such great fashion moments. From secretarial style to mod minis, let them serve as your fashion inspiration!

Betty Draper/ Betty Francis

From prim and proper housewife to mod gal about town, Betty looked ever-fashionable, ever-blonde, and ever extending a cigarette from a wan hand. If you're going for her look, never forget pearls, and never wear a smile.

Megan Draper

Whether you loved or hated Don's second wife, it's undeniable that Megan had a rocking sixties style. She had the best array of mod dresses, and unlike many other characters on the show, was never afraid to show some leg.

Joan Harris

For bombshell but modest dressing, let the super sultry Joan be your guide. She knew how to flatter her serious curves in the most office-appropriate way. If you want to put your hourglass figure in a great pencil skirt, this lady knows how to do it right.

Peggy Olson

From shy newcomer to a serious force to be reckoned with in the advertising world, Peggy is a feminist icon for us all, and her style growth over the show reflects her individuality. From the bold choices of pants and shorter skirts to simple checks and turtlenecks, she has a Carol Brady look infused with some boldness, and we love her for it.

Sally Draper

The youngest star of the show, Don and Betty's offspring packs a sassy punch, and her mini-mod look makes us wish we were such stylish youngsters back in the day. Her look may have been all bows and headbands, but her rolled eyes and short hemlines remind us that Sally isn't the golden girl
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