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so i was working on my vingle challanges my sister saw the challenge your self challenge and she ask if i could her picture up so she can see who she get ship with.....so can you shipper haha
so this my sister that i love.....shes weird hahahaha
i wonder who you guys are gonna shipped with.....i ship her with jin hahaha what you guys think
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@icanteven ill let her know what you said and who you ship her with when she get back and I'll let you know what she says
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I'd ship her with Leo from vixx! I can already imagine her making him blush and smile >_< they would be so cute!
2 years ago·Reply
@ReddViolet @icanteven @BangtansArmy hahaha she fangirled with all of ypur anwsers she loved them all and @icanteven she said thank you
2 years ago·Reply
@OsoaVIPunnie My goal was to kill you with G-Dragon
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