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Prepare to DIE as you see my face ^_^ (you can take it as a bad to good way) I reached 33+ likes, so here ya go go go!
These are both old pics, lets say they were taken months ago before I dyed my hair. These are the best pics I have. Don't know how you'll view me but...
So who do you ship me with? I'd like to see the outcome :) Oh and thanks for the following people who tagged me for this challenge: @MinionPeach17 @foxxyjinxx @xoxoaudra98 @kpop2001 @B1A4BTS5ever @StarBabes @laugh7love7live @ShadowAnggel87 and others who tagged me which I'm not aware of :)
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@B2STANG88 You know, I used to ship myself with Jonghyun at one point
You're so pretty! I'm gonna go with Mark. :)
@StephanieDuong Heol! Didn't expect Mark to come out haha :P and thanks, you are too :)
I can see it though. haha. :)
@StephanieDuong And I thank you even if he's too pretty for me XD