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"I'm Mr.Brightside" you may have heard this lyric at a middle school dance or on the radio, but The Killers are much more than their popular songs. The band's music is grandiose, inspirational and peppered with a lot of wisdom. The glamorous outfit from Las Vegas, Navada's got some pretty amazing insight into life and the pursuit of your dreams.
Here are 5 of the band's most insightful lyrics.

1. "I'm sick of all my judges / They're so scared of letting me shine / But I know that I can make it." - "Sam's Town" / Sam's Town

The Killers have never shied away from self-actualization. At times completely assured of their success, the band's lyrics have reflected the attitude that you can make it on your own, if you want it badly enough. People who judge and want us to fail are not worth our time.

2. "You've got to be stronger than the story / Don't let it bind you / Rivers are shallow." - "This Is Your Life" / Day and Age

I think about this lyric all the time "stronger than the story". We can't let our expectations or the expectations of others get in the way of what we truly want. Whether it's at work, or in our relationships we've got to have our best interest at heart, even if that means we have to make the tough decisions. It doesn't matter if we're pleasing everyone...the ultimate goal should be to please ourselves. At the end of the day we have to be happy with our decisions.

3.. "Up against the wall / There's something dying on the street / And when they knock you down / You've got to get back on your feet / Boy you were Battle Born." - "Battle Born" / Battle Born

This lyric is the epitome of The Killers' mission statement. They're an All-American, do it yourself kind of band that makes no excuses.
This is a great way to look at life. "Battle Born" is the state motto for Navada, but more than that, we were all battle born...we came into this world without choice, and some days we wish we'd never been born...but we can't ignore the fact that we were put here for a reason. When things get hard we have to remember that we're here and succeeding against the odds.

4. "Dreams aren't what they used to be / Some things slide by so carelessly." - "Smile Like You Mean It" / Hot Fuss

The Killers' debut album Hot Fuss is full of gems, but this song is a stand out because of its hauntingly honest lyrics. It blatantly acknowledges that we will regret the things we let pass us by. It's a chilling reminder to appreciate what surrounds us. It's hard in the busy throws of life to put your work down and make an effort to slow down, but if we do, we'll thank ourselves.

5. "And sometimes I get nervous / When I see an open door / Close your eyes / Clear your heart / Cut the chord." - "Human" / Day and Age

This song is famous for one of the most confusing lyrics ever "are we human or are we dancer?" but beyond that it's a song that's searching for something. The lyric above, specifically calls attention to the fear of the unknown, something I struggle with every day. Ultimately if we look back with no regrets, it'll be because we cut the chord to what we knew and had faith in ourselves.
That faith is something we'll have to develop over time, but when we're feeling like there's no inspiration, The Killers' music can help.
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