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So @VinMcCarthy did a really awesome card that showed us what our favorite anime girl tells us about... well, US. And he inspired me to do one for the Marvel community! Because, well, y'all are wonderful!
I have a collection with character horoscopes and quizzes, but this one is a little bit different! Are you excited?


1. Comment your very favorite character from Marvel (ANY universe is fair game). 2. Wait to be tagged in the follow-up card I make in two days! I'll tell you what your favorite character reveals about you.

I'm going to tag a bunch of people, but even if you're not tagged feel free to participate!

Have fun everybody!

@DaniVO I think you and I are on the same wavelength ^_^ Everyone: I'm going to wait a little bit longer to make sure everyone who wants to join in and comment gets the chance to do so! I'll share all of our answers after that :D
Captain Muricaaaaaaaaaa XD
winter soldier, captain america or iron man!!
Illyana Rasputina aka magick aka Darkchilde
Deadpool xP
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