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I drew this yesterday and colored it today, I finished the last few episodes I had for the 2nd season yesterday. The thing is I was watching the episodes of the 2nd season as they were coming out and stopped at 8 and forgot to finish it so I finally did. I really wanted to draw her for some reason so I did. I love this anime so much, the characters are all so unique and the animation is different from any other anime I've seen which I like. I ship Nanami and Tomoe so much, they are so adorable and funny. Have any of you watched this anime, did you like it or are you going to watch it. Let me know because I'm curious. @DanRodriguez @chandnip804 @sherrysahar @poojas @Kamiamon @AimeeH @BFP1916 @caitlind9898
YES!!! I love nanami!! I love the show!!!
so I watched the first episode and loved it and at the time couldn't wait so I read the Manga. THE MANGA IS SO MUCH BETTER when I came back to the anime I was disappointed so I yeah... haven't seen the 2nd season yet :/
I love this nd I love nanami
@AimeeH OK I will and thanks! @caitlind9898 You should watch the first season because its a good as the first season but I think the 1st season was better, it was really cute and funny. @poojas Thanks, have you watched this show?
Duude, this is adorable!!! I love your drawings! :)
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