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Well, it's my first time making a tutorial! So, sorry in advance if it's not good enough! I was motivated by @HairConfetti! so,hope you like it!!!;)
Step 1: apply the three base colers; light blue, light yellow, and white! I personally like mixing colors and making unique tones!;)
Step 2: using a straw, you can make the circular shapes! first make the blue circules then the pink ones by going through the same pattern! just put them anywhere you feel like, you can whether fill the space or leave it semi-empty!
Step 3: as for the "ok" nail; first write "okey" and/or any other words you'd like to add, then draw the vertical lines in the empty space left! I used light orange and yellow for the words, and dark orange for the lines!;)
Step 4: add a point by painting the top, dark blue! then, by using a cotten swab, you can make the pink dots!

All done!!! now enjoy the new look on your nails!!!

hope you like it!!!;)

by the way, I'd be more than glad to receive your feed back, specially about my weaknesses!!!

Thanks a lot in advance!!!;*

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These are so cute! And perfect!!!!! @arios025 you need to do these!!!