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I saw @chellax2112x did this so I thought it would be fun too 😊
So recently I've gotten really into BTOB because of Sungjae. I just everything about him, including his singing and acting. Basically I had major second lead syndrome in "Who Are You: School 2015". But look at him he's so adorable ☺️
Another last eat addition to my bias list is Woozi from SEVENTEEN's vocal group. He just looks like an awesome guy. Someone I would love to be friends with. Moreover he's adorable, hardworking, and of course talented (the ingredients used to make KPOP idol).
From Got7 my bias was Jackson, but Mark has caught Me in his cuteness. So I'll just say my bias is Markson. So hard to choose.
Now from BTS I gotta say Jung Kook because we are similar in a lot of ways. I like to mess with my friends, and scare them. I would probably be the Maknae in a group because I'm usually younger then everyone else, However I'm not very talented, and I'm short.
So for Big Bang G-Dragon. Do I even need an explanation, it's GD.
Of course I have a lot more like Donghae, Leo, Taemin, and the list goes on. But I thought this would be fun 😊
and gd is my #1 bias of all time swaggy g for life
for me bts my bias was rap mon but jimin swooped in so now its a tie between him and rap mon cant choose one
@caitlind9898 you're welcome girl ( ̄3 ̄)
like your list <3 ‹3 «33