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1. Describe yourself in 5 words or less -Awkward -Odd -Loyal -Artistic -Clumsy
2. Perfect date -Idk probably just being with someone who makes me feel comfortable doing fun things and we laugh the whole time.
3. In 5 words or less how would your friends describe you -Awkward -Weird -Quiet -Funny -Artistic
Ideal bf/gf -Someone who makes me feel comfortable, cares deeply about me, can make anything fun (like I'd we have a date playing a board game they'll make it fun and hilarious).
What are you passionate about -Chasing my dreams in being a singer/actress
What is your biggest pet peeve -Someone who whines about something and when I try to help they brush me off.
Words you live by -"keep moving forward"
What do you do in your free time -read, practice singing/playing piano, tumblr, watch anime and kdramas.
BONUS Here are my pics :) and I might need some help with the people taggers lol.