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Thanx to @l3sli3larock3r. Love this idea. Theres a lot of things I love about GD. He was the first celebrity whos birthday I memorized (we had a thing going on, not really) and first celebrity I actually fangirled for!!! Really?? Yes, it is 100% true. Now i've had many judgements on him but in the end I really do look up to him. So below are my top 8 tracks by him:
Yes yes yes I know. 1) Fantastic Baby was the first Bigbang mv I watched AND the first Kpop mv I watched on my own!!!!!!!!! Although I watched kpop mvs before this one, I never payed attention to them and actualy WATCHED what was going on. This mv was the first voluntary one I watched and was pretty much what got me into exploring kpop. Eek! And G-Dragon was actually the member that my eyes stuck on the entire time. Im sorry Seungri. I know youre my bias now but you have to deal with the fact that I stayed for GD ok?
Eeey! 2) So Bad Boy is number 2 on my top Gdragon experience. Although it is a Bigbang song and not his own personal track he did come up with majority of the lyrics as with almost all Bigbang tracks. Now, I swear and im sorry to say that I could have sworn he was gay in this mv. Not in a negative or hateful way but just generally. It was just the outfit and his friggin strolling I was like...ur gay. U have to be. U have that aura of "I am the best and beautiful and I know it". I was kinda hoping he was, cause I was falling for him right then and there. The main reason why I love this mv and hate it is because it was filmed NEAR MY NEIGHBORHOOD!!!!!!! I know! Every single time I walk that street aka Broadway for those who live in NYC, I touch the subway stairs that TOP walked down on and whisper "top was here. Omg. Mom. My five baes were here. And i was in school *starts crying*".
3) Heartbreaker This was his solo debut!!! Luv this song because I love comparing his new tracks to his older ones and this song actually helped me meet alot of Kpop buddies!!
4) Shes Gone My favorite track from his Heartbreaker album. I wish and hope he makes some more similar tracks like this. Love the lyrics and the presentation. Shows his rapness
5) One of A Kind My first kpop merhandise was Gdragons OOAK hoodie. I also began talking to one of my closest kpop buddies when she wore hers. Yep met alot of people with this one. And it also boosts my confidence when im outside showing it off and listening to the track. Its that GD track that always makes me feel swaggy.
6) Without You This is my favorite track from his OOAK mini album. It hits all the spots and my feels. Enough said.
7) Light It Up The only, unfortunately, single he has with tablo (my fave rapper of all time) wae oppa. Yall need to collaborate more jinjja!! It also shows his badass side.
8) Window My FAVORITE track in his Coup De'tat album!! Its so emotional. OMG. It sounds so beautiful and just gives me the snuffles. Listen to it if you have not!!!!!!!!! OK?!
I had to add this pic. I just find it so funny! Anyway 8 tracks is not enough to rant about GD but theres also no reason for me to write alot. Sorry bad habit. feel free to appreciate the smexiness that is GD by also doing this challenge if you want whether I tag you or not: @poojas @aimeeH @vixenvivi @b1a4bts5ever @netchtibates @stephanieduong @szewwy @kpopandkimchi @b2utyrisa @sharayahtodd @sugajin94 @reddviolet @eringregory @emealia @katiems @baileykayleen @adorkabledolly @devonarce @solodaywithb1a4 @caitlind9898 @passthesuga @trollied @starbabes @yehet27 @laugh7love7live If you dont know some of these tracks you should definitely check them out!!!
@reddviolet i could only put 8. *tears*
@felicityautumn i believe its only included on physical album
@B2STANG88 I understand. Lol. You really did choose some good ones though. High five for that! ✋
Crooked is a good one too. And I would've also included Tonight, Zutter, and Let's Not Fall In Love. Other than that, it's all perfect. He's a beautiful man. Lol.
Well that is a fine how do you do. 😑
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