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I was tagged by @B1A4BTS5ever for this and after I told my sister about it she got really excited! so please ship away
I shipped her with Jungkook not just because he's her bias but because she's quite tall in person and I mean at least he's taller than her?
I can't tag anybody right now because I'm at work so it's kind of hard for me to look everyone up. so if you're reading this you're considered tagged!
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@AimeeH I honestly didn't think anyone can be shorter than D.O 馃槀
@B2utyrisa I just checked... they're the same height I'm so sorry for misleading you /~\
@JustinaNguyen she's so happy馃槀 thank you!馃槃 @AimeeH hahaha its alright! I wasn't sure either馃榿
can you like mine? i am soooo close to 33 and I want to see who I'm shipped with!! thanks so much!! here is the link: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1003456?shsrc=v
@Suju4evr already did馃槃