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So I decided to do the challenge because my curiosity won out Lol, not sure who started the challenge so sorry for not tagging anyone ::>_<::
So five words that describe me, I've never really thought about it but I guess these would describe me: 1.Trusting 2.Quiet 3.Weird 4.Loving 5.Loyal
My perfect first date, hmmm I'm not really sure, I mean anywhere as long as he put thought into it could be nice, but if I have to choose then I'd rather a quiet day in the park, maybe a picnic or something, just somewhere away from all the crowds of people pretty much
Lol my friends think of me in a whole different light from when they first met, if you asked them before their list would match mines, now it's more like: 1.Crazy 2.Weird 3.Talkative 4.Loyal 5.Loving
My ideal boyfriend, ugh never thought about it till now, I guess I'll put together all the things that are similar between my crushes, and some other points I like, meh Idk Lol, Let's see hmmmm, He has to be older than me and taller (I'm like 5'3"), though I don't mind short hair I would rather his hair be long, not like girlishly long but long enough to run my fingers in Lol, he must love animals, his voice has to be deep no question, he has to have a good sense of humour and the biggest thing for me he must love music (all kinds) but Yea that's pretty much it  ̄ω ̄
My passions in life pretty much revolve around animals and music, I want to be a vet when I'm older so that I can help any type of animal, I just love music, music is my drive, it helps me through the rough times and sorts my emotions when I can't, it helps me concentrate and lose time, all in all music is life, animals are my passion
I guess my biggest pet peeve is unfairness, I'm someone who takes both sides of an argument, I don't like hypocrisy, if you say something one way and do something that goes against it I no longer want anything to do with you, I pretty much believe you are two faced and I no longer wish to associate, I am someone who believes all views and opinions are relevant even if I don't believe in them, I value everyone's opinion just don't get butt hurt if I don't agree with it, kinda went off on a tangent but hopefully got what I was trying to say across
Quotes I live by: 1.(the above Quotes are some) 2. "Work hard, Play Hard" 3. "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get" 4. "The pain we feel in life is only a precursor to a greater joy"
I'm pretty sedentary in my free time, I'm either on my phone watching dramas or on my phone listening to music, I don't go outside unless I have to do so, I'm pretty much as lazy as can be, even eating is optional Lol
*Bonus* 자짱! ✨ My amazingly cheesy selfie, where my poor attempt at ageyo is painful Lmao

Well if you made it this far Thnx for listening to the endless rambling, I guess I wait to see who my perfect match is now (*^ω^*)

💖 rapmon is my bts bias so I think that's awesome, V would be awesome too lol @B2utyrisa
V or Rapmon! V because he loves animals and Rapmon because of his passion for music as well 😀