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Move over, Grimace! There's a new 'face' bringing customers to McDonald's, and her name is Weiwei.

Taiwanese McDonald's employee Wei Han Xu has been attracting droves of fans after photos of her ringing customers up went viral via one patron's blog.
Since reaching online fame this summer, her high heels, sweet voice, and beautiful face have earned her the nickname "McDonald's goddess" on the internet.
Apparently, once people were able to track down her McDonald's location - Jianguo South Road in Taipei City's Da鈥檃n District, everyone started showing up and piling in like:
The location has even gone so far as dressing Weiwei and the rest of the female staff up in various types of cosplay, including sailor and maid costumes.
Apparently, this doesn't freak the 'McDonald's Goddess' out at all, as she works as a fashion model on the side and has even been a guest on Taiwanese game shows.
Her manager, however, could do without the restaurant's extra influx of fans, as many of Weiwei's fans tend to crowd at the counter to talk to or snap photos of her, and in the event she's not working, they leave without making a purchase.
So what do you guys think? Is she truly a 'McDonald's Goddess', or do you find her a bit overrated? Also, how would YOU feel if you were a viral McDonald's employee? (Personally, I think good looks are a waste if you smell like stale fries.)
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