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{MM} Vocaloid's Cantarella

Alright~ Lesh Do Dish~ {FYI, I have no idea Vocaloid is anime but let's roll with it} My favorite AMV is no doubt Cantarella. It was so enticing, romantic and basically the vocaloid version of Romeo and Juliet. Except it was about siblings. You could check it out, ^ up there. Thanks @poojas for tagging me~
@poojas eh, sorry. hehe. I was fast cause I was staring at the cieling, and my phone just buzzed on my face. XD I'll be sure to do that next time.
Its Vocaloid~ @ButterflyBlu :)
What is this anime?! It's gorgeous!
@Kamiamon Lol, yeah I have a special heart for forbidden relationships as parents are business rivals/ spies from rivaling labels/ idols signed with an rivaling contracts etc. But its so cool the way this story is explained that I fell in love with it.
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