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Im so sorry it took so long to post, i had to take care of somethings beforehand. So here are the results of your choice of flower. If you have no idea what I'm talking about and think I need a new psychiatrist then click here then all shall be understood xD.

Well if we are all mentally prepared here are your results:

Flower 1 (Asters)= Casper

The charismatic and sexy one (don't be fooled by his straight face he is a sweet heart and SUPER ticklish xD)

Flower 2 (Daisies)=Takuya Terada

The beautiful model and mature (ish) one. He can either be REALLY funny or REALLY serious (either way he is super cute)

Flower 3 (Marigolds)=Sangmin

The non stop comedy master of the group. His kindness and hilarity just show through his smile xD

Flower 4 (Roses)=Shin

Shin is the leader of the group and he is just too adorable for words, but do not be fooled he is a devil in disguise xD

Flower 5 (Lilies)= Seyoung

Seyoung is often very quiet, but when he is comfortable he can be the nicest and silliest guy.

Flower 6 (Larkspurs)=Youngseok

The maknae of the group, he is messed with alot by the other members, but he is very responsible even for the youngest (he tries to bully the members as much as he can, doesn't always work out xD)
I hope everyone got who they wanted, even if you didn't, they are all just too cute to ignore xD. Leave a comment so i know who you got! Well until tomorrow, where I will give you PART 2 MWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! @AimeeH @StarBabes @AkiraCondry @PaigeBennish @sarahmoss @ParanormalPanda @solodaywithB1A4 @jiggzy19 @Monsonna @NerukaWong @DanieTate @larosamong
I got Shin <3
@najalon1998 - EXACTLY! Not to mention all the rumors and false leads you have to go through. American singers are so much easier to follow but I love Kpop more. I'm willing to go through it for these boys. They can always make you smile or give you courage to try something different.
@Princess2328 THERE REALLY IS, and if you take a break even for a second you miss a while bunch of stuff xD
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