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So while people were shipping me, I was telling my sister about it and she got curious. I was really debating yesterday on whether to do this for my sister, and since a lot of people are doing it, I decided I should definitely post it!
So here is my sister Crystal. She had to send me the most photogenic, stunning, model-like picture of her self =_= I envy her selfie taking Make me look like a pile of poo
So ship away~ She very excited on who she's going to get Her fave is Taeyang BTW
i have to say Top or GD
Haha oh gosh. I guess it's not the junk food then!! Maybe it's in the genes馃槀 oh my lol why would they have that?! So that means you're the same height as a snake?? That's not that bad I'm pretty sure you'll still grow a centimeter or 2馃榾 Haha yes our bfs will have a lot of ground rules like how they can't stop us from fangirling or how they'll have to accept that 10 other Korean men will always be above them.馃槄 Yeah I hope 11 years old who gets into Kpop will be able to avoid it until they get older though 馃槼 @adorkabledolly
@BangtansArmy you probably would. We eat that too and me still little!!! No, at least I thought they weren't, but when I would look at pictures of us side by side, there was a difference. I would be like *sigh* I eat lots of junk food too, it just goes to the hips 馃槥 Haha, thanks. The other day I went to the zoo, and there was a snake figure of it standing up and you compare yourself to it. I did and I was the same height as it. Then I read it can stand 5 ft tall. I'm like noooooooooooo! Yup, we would just have to discuss ground rules! Me too, hehe 馃槄 Right, like it's just unavoidable.
Oh my..I'll probably stand out big time at your school馃槷 we eat a lot of meat and junk food! Lol but your friends probably weren't that much taller than you right? A lot of people at my school are about 4'9 too! And they would always ask me the same thing you did "what do you eat to be so tall?!"馃槀I'm just like "what did I not eat" because I ate EVERYTHING lol. Haha I hope you can make your bad days good days! Hahaha Yes. Or your future bf better know the drill when it comes to kissing. Yes..of course of course. Being Faithful is all I ever do anyways馃槼 That is literally the most accurate thing馃槀 Kpop has turned us into perverted monsters! @adorkabledolly
@BangtansArmy I know. So imagine all the shorties in my school haha. 6'0???!!!!! 馃槻 The heck? What are you guys eating over there? Lol! Why so tall? Now that I think about it, I think I was haha. But there were other girls who I knew that were way shorter than me. There were a lot around 4'9 and 4'11. lol I guess I have bad days quite frequently Yep exactly. Haha you gotta tell it like it is. Oh, yeaaaaa.... I will stay forever faithful and not look at another male group...... 馃構 You see! Kpop turns innocent girls to sarcastic, over protective, defensive, smart ass pervs!
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