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I know for some the thought of school is just like why does the world hate me, but I feel like these songs can get you through the endless hours of boredom that they say is education Lol, Thnx for the tag @MattK95, also the idea @poojas is very interesting, I'll try my best

Just Right- Got7

So back to school, the endless circle of what should I wear? does my hair look alright? should I get a new book bag? should I start wearing makeup? etc. etc. , but I like this song because it tells us to be who we are and those who really care will love us that way, school is stressful enough without letting peer pressure get to you, so this school semester, just do you and don't let in the negativity

Hello Kitty- Avril Lavigne

I think sometimes the stress eats at you and you just need something to loosen up, I believe this song is cute and fun and could help you get rid of some of that pent up angst

Never growing up- Avril Lavigne

Pretty much for my seniors and older college age students, we can age, study and still rock out

War of Hormones- BTS

Back to school and back to crushing on that guy/girl that you didn't get to see all summer, when did they get so cute? Lol


Some upbeat music to get you through that depression from hw Lol

Playground- Ukiss

I just really love this song ≧﹏≦

Unstoppable Life- Bii

A testament to getting through hard times to do what you love

Evolution- Jay Park (feat.gray)

I think that everything we truly want will come with work and that is pretty much what this songs about, putting in effort and finally seeing the results

Hope is a dream that doesn't sleep- Cho Kyuhyun

I'm aware that this is a love song but at the same time the lyrics don't have to just apply to loving another person, I feel like if you love something and are passionate about it, then it can help you make hard times feel as though they are worth it, so school is just a stepping stone and isn't all there is to life, so keep hope alive

LADYBABY [Nippon Manju] Music Clip

*Bonus* Here is to getting through the playlist, My gift to you, I both laugh at and adore this video so, hope it brings a smile to your faces too
So there is my playlist hope you enjoy it, thanks for taking the time to give it a try, hopefully I will be doing more playlists in the future, everytime I get a playlist challenge I'm excited, I love music and I want to share so Thnx for listening 。^‿^。
@netchtiBates that's so cool ^^ and there will be more challenges to come in the not so distant future :)
Thnx I love Bii, he was my first Asian artist before I got into Kpop, I'm glad you like my playlist, hopefully I'll make more in the near future @MattK95
I love this ^^ I'm so happy to see Bii on this list, he is so awesome! Great job @netchiBates I love your song choices \(^-^)/
OMG Bii!!!!!! WAH I love Bii! <3 Ugh I can never get enough U-KISS! Totally awesome list!
awesome can't wait @MattK95
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