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(I saw this post from a K-Pop Facebook fan page, so credit to owner)
What makes me mad is how these people are just so ridiculous. They think that only because 1D or 5SOS are huge groups, they can easily win. What they failed to realize is how powerful we can be. (Note how only International fans excluding Asia voted, I think)
Ladies, ladies. 1D and 5SOS win plenty of awards. So, quit acting like children and accept the fact how amazing Super Junior is XD I mean the category was "Choice International Artist" for a reason
(This was also screenshot before the voting finished. Credit to owner)
As you can tell, the voting gaps were HUGE, so that made me wonder, did the non K-Poppers even try? If not, then next time, be ready bishes 'cause we're after ya!
we will always try our hardest to win because we make no 'ERROR' when it come to supporting our loves and no one will bring us down because 'We are bulletproof' and we are 'Unbreakable' we only have 'One Shot' when it comes to awards here in america to show how much we intenational fans support as well 'just tell me' arent we 'awesome' 'just right' because when it comes to supporting them we 'go crazy' we 'knock out' all the competition till we get 'justice' that why 'i belive' that fandom is 'fantastic baby' we know when to get our 'crayon' now if someone insults any of our kpop family they are in 'danger' we will always be there for our faimly 'N.O' matter what :[] and yes i used alot of song titles from different kpop artist to make this comment and its all true dont you agree :D
Aish do I need to slap a B*tch...I think I do, they need to stop like seriously, not everybody is going to like 1D and not everybody is going to like kpop, get over yourself, stop trying to prove that one fandom is bigger than the other because at the end of the day we like who we like and that's that, gosh I'm sick of all these 1D fans or whatever downing kpop like....get your life together before you start judging others, you sound like a retarded b*tch
Really, this is the fourth time kpop has beaten 1D, even i voted for Super Junior and I'm not a fan (though I didn't see 2ne1 or Snsd when I voted o.O) But seriously? They're coming at us again with this? How many times do we have to beat them to prove that we are way bigger than their one band is.
@B1A4BTS5ever @majesticx @KpopGaby I love our fandom >.< We're soooo creative and we love our idols and will do anything to support them :)
@xoxoaudra98 they're going to piss themselves when they see how strong we are. Sure our subfan groups slap each other around and call each other names but if anyone says anything about kpop those subfans look at each other and team attack. They think kpop is a group, oh how wrong they are. We are slowly showing them what we've got
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