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Salty Bishes
(I saw this post from a K-Pop Facebook fan page, so credit to owner)
What makes me mad is how these people are just so ridiculous. They think that only because 1D or 5SOS are huge groups, they can easily win. What they failed to realize is how powerful we can be. (Note how only International fans excluding Asia voted, I think)
Ladies, ladies. 1D and 5SOS win plenty of awards. So, quit acting like children and accept the fact how amazing Super Junior is XD I mean the category was "Choice International Artist" for a reason
(This was also screenshot before the voting finished. Credit to owner)
As you can tell, the voting gaps were HUGE, so that made me wonder, did the non K-Poppers even try? If not, then next time, be ready bishes 'cause we're after ya!
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srsly. Again? Queens and now Elfs? *facepalm*
2 years ago·Reply
@NerukaWong People got no chill
2 years ago·Reply
@montha91 all kpop fans are like that! even for other kpop groups. we DON'T play around and start fan wars that's why we get crap done! xD Seriously they were all on the billboard still starting crap when they should have been voting
2 years ago·Reply
@majesticx I know all Kpop fans are like that. I'm one of them. Lol they should have been voting instead of talking crap.
2 years ago·Reply
people tend to forget that there are more ASIANS in the world than any other race. plus adding with the rest of the world that listen to Kpop, equal Elf, 2n1, Exo, BigBang and other big Kpop group would make it and win these awards over just English or American groups lol.
2 years ago·Reply