South Korea's Independence day recently happened and Block B's P.O was under fire due to his wardrobe. Many citizens noticed that he was wearing a Japanese sweater/top and felt offended and criticized him for this incident. The independence day was South Korea's history of beign free from Japan. I know history is very important and many people suffered to get to where they are right now. P.O and the Seven Season staff already apologize. but things kind of went out of control.
I just knew Koreaboo was going to write an article about this, but the comment section got crazy.
I was mad and I understood them at the same time that they felt offended, and I don't know the history of Korea, but look at it in this way... In Zico's 'Tough Cookie' music video, he wore a jacket with the Confederate flag on it. In which many people took that as offensive because of the history behind it. After everybody talked about it and was on the news, nobody told him to apologize but he did, and many understood that... Is not like Americans are asking him, "for your mistake go and kill yourself", or they don't go criticizing him every time they see him, actually many are cool about the whole situation that happened. Now, this situation is similar to what Zico went through I know many people feel offended now, but you will see that this will all fade, just like Zico's case, and no I'm not trying to bring that topic again, I'm just giving my point of view. Many artists go through wardrobe malfunctions all the time, and stylists need to make sure that the artist are wearing the right thing so these kind of things don't happened again, and if this was in his closet, the stylist STILL needs to check what the artist is wearing before an accident happens. Heck, I'm not even American (but legally in the U.S.) and when I was in school and it was "Cinco de Mayo" many of my classmates (that are Americans) wore sombreros and Mexican stuff such as ponchos, many thought that it was Mexico's independence day, and that's why they were wearing those stuff, and I never got offended to that because I knew that they DIDN'T KNOW or DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS GOING TO AFFECT PEOPLE! The point is, people are gonna make mistakes and but is not the mistakes that defines a person but who they are... Anyways, there's always going to be criticism, but we as people need to over look that, and look for what's ahead, and not look at the negative part, because if we do, we'll stay in the past and not move forward. What do you guys think? You think he did it on purpose or was it a solid mistake?
@MinionPeach17 I know, it's stupid and the same the happens every time but people still take it so the idol is doing this to offend them out of the billions of people in the world smh
@NatMarie Ikr... but this kind of things will always happen!
I think it was a mistake by far And I completely agree Like I don't think I could have said it better myself and I'm glad someone FINALLY said it
@MinionPeach17 Yea i read this and knew this was going to cause a bigger commotion that Koreaboo would soon write about it. When i saw it was like "F***k". This is going to bring negative publicity to Block B but I also agree with many of the angry Koreans. As a non Korean i have no right to butt in since this is their country and their independence but I just hope this situation doesn't effect P.O's health as it did in the Thailand situation. I love P.O. He's my babe. he's my bias. but i also acknowledge and accept when my idols are in the wrong but I know it may have not been only P.O's fault but the staff, his stylist, etc are also equally at fault because they take care of their idols. As much as i want to defend this i can't because we are talking about another country with their own history. This their history of Koreans fighting independence from Japan and i respect that. I just hope this doesn't grow worse. I'm so sorry this had to happen to P.O. i feel so bad for him but my only advice for him is to stay strong. they've been through a lot so i hope they can recover from this.
@BlockBVillains see, what did I tell you?