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@danidee got this challenge started so I must...answer...the call (poorly done captain Kirk imitation)
Like most little kids I believed everything on tv. I just grew up stressed.
when I was very young I just knew that doctors gave babys to their new families by pulling them out of their little black bags...I have no earthly idea why
If you read my alien card (I forgot how to link it cuz I'm a moron) you might have read about my cousin that choked on her food and freaked me out...I like to think that was payback for scaring me about the sun.
yea I believed that too...
I coulda been melting peoples faces off with the most awesomest geetar solos known to back up plan was to be rich...they don't tell ya that's not what they meant...
you're surely gonna get some weird glances if u do that @poojas & @buddyesd awesome drawings man!!! I like them a lot.
@allischaaff thanx lol I was kinda nuts :)
@mistymaity I'm totally okay with weird glances. Sometimes it's nice to express the inner child XD
This was great.
These are awessommmmeeee <333 @buddyesd I love it!! You were such a hilarious child hahaha.
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