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Made a fun collage of G-Dragon in each song in the Made album (except for 'IF YOU' since there is no music video for it :/ sadly) I hope he is enjoying his birthday!(: love you, OPPA!<3

I was told you only add a year for the time you were in the womb up until your first bday, idk I might be wrong lol
@netchtiBates I just read up on it! You are right but it can be 2 years after Jan. 1 cause everyone seems to add a year on to their birthdate after that for some reason O.o
ooh cool~, though that would make me significantly older Lmao @MissCandyFreak, might have something to do with new year
@netchtiBates same here! I really don't know why u would want to be older but whatever Korean is still adorable! (: and I think so too. I'll read up on that later!