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So this is muh sister Joyce Lynn. Shes my better half and I love her to pieces. We're known to every body as the Pony-Giraffe Duo. Not because of height, but because when we get excited about something, we are known to jump around. She's graceful like a pony; I on the otherhand look like a giraffe on roller skates.
I want to ship her with Kyuhyun ❤ I think they would be perfect for each other!
I saw myself tagged on a lot of sister Editions so I went ahead and decided to do it.
@StephanieDuong thank you so much dear!! :)
Omg! You and your sister are both so pretty! I'd totally ship her with Kyuhyun. I can see it. :)
@shannonl5 thank you dear!! She is most definitely my partner in crime! ^~^
@AimeeH that's really awesome. Being siblings can be hard sometimes I think so the fact that you have such a strong relationship is really awesome! I'm very happy for you :)
@shannonl5 thank you dear! XD yes I try to be as gracefully un graceful as I can be. Thank you she most definitely makes me happy I love her to pieces!
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