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{MM} Schooling on Anime (AMV)

Anime 101 I personally really like this AMV (anime music video) because you get to test your knowledge and learn some things you might not of known before. It goes sort of quickly so, its an ultimate test of your lighting quick skills! In this AMV you'll see possibly some of your favorite characters in the same classes together . Just CROSS ANIME EVERYWHERE!! I actually found this video about a year ago, and now i get the chance to share it with you guys in the anime community thanks to @poojas If you want join us and share your favorite AMV Don't forget to also check out her card that has all the details on it along with a New Weekly Card Challenge?? -----> here
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@AkiraCondry Aww, thank you friend. Or should I say Akira chan XD. Nice, you knew exactly what to use for the challenge. That's awesome! :D
@poojas Aww you're too sweet, and if you want me to be honest I actually look forward to seeing your cards they always have something interesting in them and they're well thought out :) and... I'm also glad you liked it, I went into the deep into parts of my youtube history to find it. As soon as I saw your card my Brian was like "You know what im thinking right....Anime 101 amv!!!" lol :D
Okay... 1. You make the BEST CARDS. I LOVE the title, the descriptions, everything! :) 2. Awesome AMV dude. Thanks for showing us this epic anime intro AMV hahaha. 3. I cried laughing at the AMV bahahahahah :')
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