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The lovely @danidee tagged me to write about 5 random things that I honestly believed as a little kid. I was a truly silly child so let me share some very interesting things that I believed back then.

#1 Bunnies come from the moon.

This was probably a result of all the folktales that talked about bunnies and the moon...I figured real bunnies live on the moon and just hop down and visit Earth once in a while. I even remember starting at the moon for a long time trying to catch one jumping off. Sadly, I never did.

#2 If you eat green veggies, trees grow in your tummy.

Honestly, no one told me this. I just assumed on my own. It kind of made sense at that time. At one point I genuinely thought there were a few tiny trees growing in my stomach. Thankfully, that wasn't the case.

#3 Pokemon are real.

When I first heard of Pokemon, I thought it was based off of real...Pokemon. I even made a list of which ones I would catch if I ever went somewhere that had Pokemon. I still want to believe this. So bad. Pikachuuuuuuuuu.

#4 You can claim stars as your own.

I think one time I asked my dad if anyone owned the stars and when he said no, I immediately claimed and believed them to all be mine. Woohoo!

#5 Lightning and thunder target specific people.

Whenever there was lightning/thunder, I ALWAYS made a pillow fort and hid under it until things calmed down. I blame cartoons, because I thought specific people were targeted and you could get hit no matter where you were.

I was a cool kid...okay...

Thanks again @danidee for this fun challenge. Anyone reading...do the challenge! XD
I used to think Hogwarts was real
i wish pokemon was real and i lived in that reality!!!!
My brother also thought Pokemon were real... Also: @Amanjain wait Hogwarts isn’t real?!?!
i love the one about trees growing in your stomach !!!! hahah soooo funny!
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