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Recession hair line is nothing to be embarrassed about. I know tons of people who have them and I personally have them. For the most part it doesn't bother me. The only reason why I am bringing this up is, some people have different personal preferences. If you are bothered by the receding hair line, there are ways to make it less obvious.
Just remember that there are no beauty standards of a perfect hairline. Everyone is made to be unique.
In the video above, Kayley Melissa shows several methods to camouflage the obvious dip. The easiest trick is to loosen the hair when you pull it up in a ponytail. Pull it back tightly can emphasize unnecessary details of your hair line. She also mentions several tips of using hair mascara and powder to cover up.
The methods you covered is not the only way to minimize the appearance of a receding line. You can also use castor oil to encourage hair growth around that area.
I hope this was helpful and if you have any questions or concern please leave your thoughts below.
@jazziejazz You're always welcomed! Just sharing what I learned!
Thank you... recently I realized I have this too... I never noticed it before because I always wear my hair down but Ive been doing more braids lately and its more visible.
I came across this & showed my daughter. She loved it & now knows many of her own hair problems are shared by others her age. Thanks!