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We took our pug to the vet today to get a bump on his leg looked at. As it turns out, that little bump is a Mast cell tumor. A week from tomorrow, he goes in for surgery to remove it. Bowser is only 4 1/2 years old, so the thought of him potentially having cancer is a complete shock to us. We remain hopeful, however, that the tumor is benign and life can return to normal soon. He does not have any other symptoms; he is still our happy-go-lucky pug!
Our household does not pray, so we are not asking for that. Just send positive energy Bowser's way! He is our little furry child, so we are going to do whatever it takes to make him happy and healthy!
Thank you for reading!
Bowser has positive energy and happy thoughts from me. He is absolutely amazing and love his sweet face! Kisses just for you Bowser!
Awww I'm thinking of you Bowser! I know that my puppy is a member of my family, not a pet, so I know how hard this might be >.< But I'm sending allllllllll my positive vibes over to that adorable face!
Oh my goodness you have such a sweet dog! I'm sending you all of the positive energy! I'm glad you caught it in time, and I hope that Bowser has a speedy recovery. <3
sending all the positivity I have! My dog went through something similar, and it turned out to be a benign cyst, so hopefully things go well for Bowser!
Awe! dogs truly have a special place in the family and in our hearts. sending all the positivity your way and to Bowser (love that name btw!)
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