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I never really had a favorite amv before, so I was looking up amv's for my favorite animes and the 2nd anime I thought of after Inuyasha that has a strong story behind it was Ao Haru Ride and I love this anime so much and am praying for a 2nd season because there is so much more to happen in this show based off the manga. I couldn't find an amv that really stuck out to me for Inuyasha but found a perfect one for this show. I love this song and it's perfect for Ao Haru Ride because the show starts off right on the 1st episode with them admitting that they had feelings for one another in middle school but now that they are in Highschool and have changed completely Kou (main guy) says "but we can't go back to that now" meaning even though we liked each other. We've both changed and we can "never be the same".Because of this Futuba (main girl) is upset and is shocked to see that he has changed a lot like his appearance and even his name but later on they start to love each other as they are now. It's a great video that shows all the good times between them which makes happy! teehee!!! Thanks @poojas for tagging me in this challenge, I look forward to doing them every Monday and I can't wait to see your {mm} card.
@biancadanica98 No but the AMV gives me the feeeeels
I don't think I'll be able to die until I watch this
@poojas Have you watched this anime before?!
This is another great challenge response card! The AMV gives me so many feels T_T I'm glad you like the idea. Hope we have many more fun Monday Madness challenges :D
@Kamiamon Yes you have to watch it!
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