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So after reading what @kpopandkimchi wrote about sasaengs, little ol'paranoid me now thinks I may accidentally have become a sasaeng. I have reasons why I think I am and why I think I am not, so please reassure me that I am not one or how to not be one. Thank you!
Why I may be one: I want to be a photographer. Recently, I have been thinking about how awesome it would be if I could get to be the photographer of one of their concerts. Or I am the photographer of one of their photoshoots. I mean, how cool would that be? Me, just a fan who happens to be a photographer, gets to take photos of these idols! But after reading about some sasaengs stories, I feel like that I'd something a sasaeng would do to get close to an idol.
Why I may not be one: I have been wanting to go into an art field ever since I was a little girl - since I was about 5. On top of that, I always have been into traveling and Asian cultures (because my grandmother is Japanese and we were close). During the summer of 2013, I decided the art field I wanted to go into was photography. I hoped I would be able to travel the world with my camera as a photojournalist. Being paid to travel and take pictures honestly is a dream job for me. I have an IQ to let me be a lawyer or doctor, but photography is my passion, along with drawing if you have not seen my drawing of Key from SHINee. I would also like to be a photographer at concerts because I grew up in a very musical town and love all sorts of music. Taking photos of K-Pop idols would be great - not just for my career but for the experience of seeing them live. Also, having photoshoots of Korean Idols would be awesome because I have fallen in love with most of the culture. However, that does not mean I would just want to take photos of Korean idols; that would just be a plus.
So, what do you guys think? I do not think I am a sasaeng, but I just want other people's opinions to reassure myself. Thank you!!!! ♡
If you haven't seen my drawing of Key, here is the link: The support is greatly appreciated ^-^
@amazingangelini np. I was actually wondering the same thing when I read that card but then I realized that I don't have the guts, time, or money to go around doing those kinds of things
You're not! You just want to combine two passions there's nothing wrong with that! Besides becoming a concert photographer would be an official job and it wouldn't be like stalking! I think you are perfectly okay with your dreams and fan position (idk how to phrase that lol) 💗
I personally know a lot of people who run fan sites and they are NOT sasaengs. They respect the artists' limits and only take photos when allowed. They go to the airport but don't crowd the idols or try to board the same plane. There is a way to do it and be a great fan and i think the fact that you're worried about being a sasaeng makes you probably not a sasaeng haha
As long as you are not doing anything harmful to anyone to achieve getting closer to these idols or harmful to them in jealous fits of rage I think your good to go. Also, I saw your drawing. You have serious talent and should follow it. I could see you doing random human interest drawings. I'm sure they would be great. Don't restrict your talent to kpop only. Get out there and draw things that will evoke people's emotions. Good luck.
you don't seem that crazy to me. you good.
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