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1. In five words or less describe how you view yourself. WEIRD (it's in all capitals for a reason) Quiet Crazy Insane (starts singing and dancing to BTOB insane cause why not?) Smart ( Subconcious:You had to put that didn't you Mei?? Me: Yes, Yes I had too. ) Devil (I'm basically the spawn of Satan when I'm angry.)
2. Describe your perfect date. I want to cuddle with my boyfriend on the couch eating junk food while watching some drama or comedy show. We'll steal a few kisses here and there and after that we'll go out to the park and play like little kids.
3. In five words or less describe how your friends view you. WEIRD ( as I've said before, its in all capitals for a reason ) Mom ( I'm like a mom to them. Subconscious: why are you seriously like that? Me: I have no idea so don't ask me...) 4D ( Taehyung let's be alien siblings) Smiles ( cause I always smile when I talk)
4. Describe the ideal boyfriend/girlfriend. I want someone who can deal with my craziness. Someone who's always there for me when I need them. Someone that will look at me like I'm their only love and soulmate until eternity. Someone who's kind and protective of me. I want someone who is a bit taller than me and will love me unconditionally. He'll stay with me and cherish me like I am a goddess to him.
5. What are you passionate about? I'm passionate about music, books, writings, and school. I want my parents to be proud of me. Knowing that I will be someone successful that they could talk about makes me happy. I love music. It means to me as much as we humans need oxygen. Books are a way for me to escape reality and live in a world that's full of fantastic creatures. Writing makes me express myself through words on a paper. Its like when you write out your feelings, you're also helping out other people who have so much to say but can't because of certain things.
6. What is your biggest peeve? My biggest peeve is when someone thinks they're more superior than others. People who judge a lot are also the kind of people I hate. Like for example, gay people get a lot of criticism even when they have done nothing wrong. Like what's wrong with being gay? They can like who they want and you can like what you want. Love sees no color, race, or gender. Society today are basically the cause of all the suicides that people are commiting. I hope it gets better.
7. What words do you love by?(favorite quote or your motto. Life is too short to be angry. There are too many negative things happening in the world and to add to all that negativity is something I don't want. -Jay Park Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So, love the people who treat you right, forgive the people who don't and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said it'd be easy, they just promised it would be worth it. -Dr.Seuss I actually got more but I thought it would be too long so I didn't add them ☺☺
8. What do you do in your free time? I will usually listen to music, read, or write. I watch anime's and play games. BUT most of all since I'm as lazy as Suga, I just sit and do nothing most of the time.
So, now for the bonus. You get get see a selfie of me!!!
Yes. Prepare to die from my ugliness... ....
So, yeah. That's me up there. ↑ Thanks for tagging me @B1a4BTS5ever, @StarBabes, @StephyBAP, @xoxaudra987, and some other who I don't remember the username of. Please forgive me since I didn't remember your usernames . @ninachan you have to do this.
I ship you with D.O from exo😊 he will definitely take good care of you and love you unconditionally👌 plus yall would be so cute and squishy together.
Sandeul from B1A4 😃 aww, yall would be soo cute 😄 👫 And ugliness...where?? girly you are very pretty 😊✌ EMBRACE YOSELF!!! 😜👌
You've answered all these questions like how I would have answered them. Like I mean exactly 😲 You are like perfect for me lol. Also You are super duper cute! You look so squishy! I want to ship you with Myungsoo/L! You would look so adorable ><
@adorkabledolly Hahaha am I really perfect for you?? 😂😂