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Churros in Korea!
I remember when I was young ,my parents would always buy me stuffed churros--with Dulce de Leche or milk chocolate. I've been craving them for a while, and I found a place that makes them just right. This amazing place that throws me back home is called "Chocolateria San Churros", located in Idae Station (Line 2). Its located almost at the way end of the main street, it is pretty big so you won't be able to miss it. The prices range from 5,500W to 15,000W so it really depends on the size that you want! Enjoy xoxoxo
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@Tapsamai it's called "Chocolateria San Churros" and it's in Idea station!
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@miranpark88 thank you !! I was there today. It just remind me so much of spain ! :)
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I had some churros last week and it was so good!! :)
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