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silence fills the room but the words unspoken;  deafening to my ears. the resentment clear in your eyes, my heart recognizes the lies;  that spill from your lips. can't breach the gap; between the hate and love, flowing off you in waves. let my silence, be your acceptance; of the failed relationship. skip the lies in my eyes, let my unspoken words play like a melody in your head. remember the times we had, as i stand and shed silent tears; you walk away without a glance. like a movie this love was not, to mean so little to you; when it meant everything to me. written about now, to last the times; sheds light upon my soul. whispering acceptance to my heart, time to heal; tears flow with each syllable typed. the end is now a beginning, to a new melody that only love brings. silence is once again peace; words unspoken play, promises of a love song.      © Veronica Artino, 
credits of photo to original owner whoever you may be... I felt this picture captures an essence of my poem. leave a comment or crtique. Thanks
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@VeronicaArtino what did you name it??
@VeronicaArtino found it never
I followed it! :D
Your poetry are just really wonderful @VeronicaArtino ! I felt happiness, sadness, peacefulness. .. a lot of different emotions. (☆_☆)/