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Literally. The. Best. This restaurant does not take any reservations, you have to queue and wait outside for quite a long time. For two people, it is not THAT bad (we've waited for like an hour and a half), but for 4 or more, I've seen some people waiting more than 3 hours. But seriously, it's all worth it. Only 3 dishes are available in this restaurant: Lobster (either boil/grill), Lobster Roll and Beef burger, all priced at £20. Yup, you ARE stupid if you pay 20 quids and choose burger over a humongous delicious sexy lobster. Oh, even those fries and salads are of the best I've ever tried.
@YinofYang..yeah..that`s totally true...keke..
@syairah12 I try to be. Treat others as you would have them treat you, right? (^_^)
lol..@YinofYang..you makes me shock..such a kindhearted unnie you are..keke..like it..haha..
@syairah12 I just love you to pieces. You are awesome, dongsaeng. But, I'm your unnie, so you should let me treat you instead, lol! (*^ワ^*)
@miranpark88..keke..haha..you're so funny..@YinofYang..keke..if I am beside you and I have my own job,I 'll treat you right now too..lol..
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